Newborn through 5T clothes and accessories for both boys and girls!

Our story


1. Prepare and use (Land) for crops2. apply oneself to improving or developing

My husband and I, along with our three kids, live on my family’s century farm that I grew up on which is a dream in itself! But after we had our daughter Letty in 2019, I found a passion for finding good, quality kids clothing that could last through multiple kids. As our family grew, so did my excitement for kids clothes, so I started  sharing my finds with friends. I quickly realized how many mammas just like me were looking for kids' clothing they could count on for not one kid, but also as hand-me-downs as their families grew. So, in 2020, I took a leap of faith and started an online boutique called Letty Marie Boutique- the name inspired by my daughter. Overtime, I expanded from just baby and kids clothing to options for women as well and I knew my goal was to continue growing. Soon, my part-time hobby turned into a dream of opening a storefront. My vision? Creating space where women could come in and feel at home as they browsed through high-quality and adorable clothing for the whole family.

In 2023, my dream became a reality. Alongside my husband and our three babies, I opened Cultivate Family Shop(CFS). 

Cultivate means so much more than a clothing store to me. It’s a symbol of all the ways I will continue to cultivate our dreams-  on the farm and at CFS. 

So, whether you're looking for babies, toddlers or yourself, while you’re here I hope you find items for your family to make memories in for years to come!