Mebie Baby Light Green Daisy Bamboo Cozy Short Set

This two-piece set is for babies and toddlers 2T to 6Y. These come with a short sleeve top + elastic shorts. They are so soft from the same fabric as our bamboo swaddles. They are cute and functional! 
95% Bamboo
5% Spandex
Wash in cold water, Tumble dry low.
Measurement in inches:
Length: 2T 13.5, 3T 14, 4T 14.25 5T 14.75, 6Y 15.25
width:  2T 10,  3T 10, 4T 10.5, 5T 10.75, 6Y 11
Length: 2T 9.75, 3T 10.5, 4T 11.25, 5T 11.75, 6Y 12
width: 2T 8.75, 3T 9, 4T 9.5, 5T 9.75, 6Y 10
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