Slumberkins - Yeti To Shine Holiday Countdown Tradition Kit


Yeti To Shine is designed to help create a new holiday tradition at home! However your customers spend the holidays, Yeti and her magic Shine Bright Star will bring a new activity each day to get family members connecting, playing, and creating special memories together all season long.

What’s Included: The Book: Yeti to Shine tells the story of how one little Kin turned a disconnected holiday season into a mindful, celebratory tradition with the help of a magic star and a wish for more connection. Yeti & her Shine Bright Star: Each day Yeti will bring you a new Star Token in the pocket of her Shine Bright Star with a fun activity to do together

The Activity Tokens: Fun and engaging activities to create mindful moments of connection during the busy holiday season. Complete the activities as a family, then reflect on your favorite part together!

Use Cases: Advent Calendar Christmas, Holiday Countdown, Family Games, Stuffed Animal, Holiday Tradition, Family Connections

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